North America Wind Tunnel

North America Wind Tunnel

Our climatic wind tunnel provides fast, accurate results without blowing your testing budget.

Cost effectiveness and accuracy are factors everyone looks for in a vehicle climatic wind tunnel testing facility. Air International is both cost effective and accurate. In fact, our facility will exceed your expectations. It's independent and secure with a state of the art data acquisition system. Plus, our climatic wind tunnel provides accurate results without blowing your testing budget. We save you money by cutting instrumentation costs and we use a custom LabVIEW based acquisition system so the quality and accuracy of your test data is never compromised. Every necessary component that obtains test data from your vehicle is accessed through a 200-channel patch panel. Then all of the test data is processed and stored for all of your HVAC or PTC testing needs. We can perform custom tests easily, because we can program virtually any programmed test cycle including simulated hill profiles for any passenger vehicle. A complete formal report is automatically generated in Excel format. Each report includes raw data, graphs, and heading information that allows for quick data analysis.

Climatic Wind Tunnel
Our climatic wind tunnel provides fast, accurate results without blowing your testing budget.

Climatic Wind Tunnel Key Attributes:

  1. Ambient Range: -22oF to 122oF
    1. Steady state + or - .5 degree F
    2. Transition + or - 2 degree F
    3. Proven repeatability
  2. Humidity Range: 10% to 95%, from 40oF to 122oF
    1. A. + or - 2%
    2. B. Wet bulb / Dry bulb Air Sampler
  3. Airflow: 0 mph to 100 mph
    1. A. Aerodynamic equivalent back too the "A" pillar passenger vehicles
  4. Dynamometer: 0 mph to 100 mph (200 HP each @ 400 RPM DC Driven motors) Burke E. Porter - twin axle, twin drive 48" diameter Moveable rolls.
    1. Front wheel
    2. Rear wheel
    3. All wheel
    4. Tandem axle
  5. Solar load: Minimum 0 W/m2 to Maximum 1200 W/m2
    1. Infrared array with closed loop control with adjustable angle and height.
    2. Portable side bank
  6. Hot road simulation: 95oF to 175oF
    1. Three independent zones
  7. Combustion make up air flow rate: 2700 CFM, 1975 CFM, 987 CFM
    1. Single and dual exhaust systems.
    2. Class 8 trucks
  8. Test section dimensions: 39'L x 24'W x 16'H
    1. Door opening 13' W x 14' H
  9. Fire suppression system - 1300 lbs. Halon 1301
  10. Secure facility

Air International's testing systems are extremely versatile and feature-rich. In fact, they will exceed your expectations.

Key Testing Capabilities:

  1. Vehicle Build
    1. ASE certified mechanic
    2. Proto type part adaptability
    3. Passenger Vehicles
    4. Class 8 Trucks
    5. Performance applications
  2. Instrumentation
    1. Temperature
      1. Type T
      2. Type K
      3. RTD
    2. Pressure
      1. High 0-500
      2. Low 0-200
      3. Ultra low -10" to 10" H2O
    3. Voltage / Current
      1. A/C or D/C
    4. Frequency
      1. 0 -10,000 Hz
    5. Humidity
      1. % Relative Humidity
      2. Dew Point
    6. Solar
      1. Portable Hy-Cal Pyranometer
      2. Stationary Eppley Pyranometer
  3. Data Acquisition
    1. 250 channel In house LabVIEW excel report format
    2. Portable 200 Channel Cambell Scientific logger
  4. Test Automation
    1. Industry standard and custom format
    2. On sight programming
    3. City traffic cycles
  5. City Traffic Simulation
    1. On sight programming
  6. Development and Validation Testing
    1. HVAC Hot
      1. A/C performance
      2. A/C low load
    2. HVAC Cold
      1. De-Ice
      2. Refog
      3. Heater performance
    3. PTC
      1. GVM
      2. GCM
    4. Hill Simulations
      1. GVM
      2. GCM
  7. Vehicle Airflow Measurement
    1. Zero Body Airflow
    2. Total Airflow
    3. Individual Duct
  8. Bench Mark Programs
  9. Competitive Analysis
  10. System Engineer with reports