More than 50 years ago founding engineer Owen John, being frustrated by the lack of available air conditioning on vehicles imported into the Australian market, designed an air-conditioning system for his own Jaguar. In Australia at that time air-conditioning was rare and generally considered a post-sale luxury item for cars.  Word spread amongst motoring enthusiasts about Owen John's high quality systems. Air International was formed in 1967 as a growing business supplying AC systems kits for local and imported vehicles.

By 1979 the company had received its first commercial contract to develop and supply an automotive HVAC system for General Motors Holden in Australia.

Air International expanded beyond Australia in the 1990s with two joint venture partnerships formed in China and the formation of its US division in 1997. Expansion included product diversification into powertrain cooling modules and rear HVAC systems. 

Air International's expansion continued into the new century, with growth in North America and China.  In 2008 Air International established two faciliities in Thailand, a HVAC assembly operation and the formation of its first wholly owned heat exchanger manufacturing Thailand facility.

Throughout its history, Air International has demonstrated a commitment to expanding its footprint into new market in support of its global customer base. Air International’s global presence will continue to evolve as we position our facilities to efficiently align with our customer’s global program plans.

A key step in this process was the introduction of a new global management in 2008 to broaden its focus both outside of traditional markets and regions.