Condenser/Radiator/Fan Modules (CRFM)

Condenser/Radiator/Fan Modules (CRFM)

Air International designs its condenser/radiator/fan modules (CFRMs), which are also known as powertrain cooling modules to deliver high performance with low mass. Our designs minimize the number of parts and fasteners in the final assembly.

Air International designs systems to meet the needs of any vehicle architecture and cooling conditions. We model the coolant circuit and airflow to optimize the stack-up of the module components and make recommendations for baffles, seals, and other underhood componentry.

We assemble condenser/radiator/fan modules (CRFMs) at global sites near our customers to ensure on-time delivery and low work-in-progress inventory. We work with our customers' engineers to integrate each system to specific vehicle requirements. Our CRFM modules are designed and tested to withstand extreme vehicle operating environments. They are produced at AITS TS16949 and Q1 certified manufacturing operations.

Our CRFMs have four primary components:


We use our sophisticated virtual engineering design and simulation tools, to develop, design, test and manufacture a condenser that fully integrates with other components in the engine cooling system. That level of integration enables us to creating solutions that satisfy our customers' most rigorous vehicle technical requirements.

Key features:


As we design our CRFM solutions we carefully select a radiator that integrates well with the entire front-end system. To optimize performance we use simulation tools to test numerous variables before production begins.

Other features:

Air International also works with its supplier partners to design and manufacture low temperature radiators (LTRs).

Cooling Fan Module

Air International partners with its global supplier partners to design and manufacture motors and fans incorporating the latest technology. We can deliver either high efficiency low-mass brushless motor fans with PWM control or simple, low-cost brush commutated models, depending on customer requirements.

Refrigeration Lines, Hoses and Tubes

Air International has engineering and quality experience with most fittings used in the automotive industry. We design, route, and package hoses, lines and fittings that meet each customers service and durability targets.